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At 67 years old, I was overweight and could not seem to lose any of the excess pounds, even though I tried dieting and exercise. I was taking three different medications for high blood pressure, and they were accompanied by numerous side effects that seemed to take away from my overall well being. And, as a final blow, I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, which was treated with still another drug with particularly nasty side effects. From there, everything looked like the downhill death spiral that folks sometimes accept as an inevitable part of “getting old.” Then I was blessed with good fortune and heard Dr. Helen Powell-Stoddart speaking to a group about reversing Type 2 diabetes and other chronic diseases through a program of guided lifestyle changes. I immediately signed up, and the program surpassed my expectations. I lost weight, substantially increased my physical strength and endurance, reduced my high blood pressure medications to a single one with a small dosage, and no longer exhibit symptoms of diabetes. I now feel vibrant and at least 10 years younger, something I did not think was achievable at my age. But to top it all, I met Dr. Helen, an extraordinary and compassionate physician who is carrying forward a novel and state-of-the-art approach to modern medicine.

Keith J. Little, Ph.D.

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