Florence Hovy is a professional educator and student of all things in the medical, health and nutritional fields. She has a degree in physical education and has taught in high school for almost 10 years until she moved abroad with her husband. She has lived on three different continents, raising three children. She earned a bachelor’s degree in primary school education and taught at international schools.

Florence and her family have lived in Westchester, New York since 2006 where she has been very active in her local community. She serves as EMT at the local volunteer ambulance corps. Florence has been motivated to affect positive change in what she sees as unnecessary chronic disease by focusing her energy on the relationship between nutrition and health. This, too, after her own health scare and full recovery.

Florence, who has a certificate in plant-based nutrition from e-Cornell, hosts a bi-weekly plant-based dinner/educational night at her home for church members, encouraging positive changes to her friends’ lives.

Florence is currently studying for a professional certificate in food, nutrition and health from Wageningen University, the Netherlands. In the limited spare time she has, she enjoys hiking, gardening, creative projects and spending time with her husband and her dog as well as with her new granddaughter, whenever she gets the chance. We are pleased to have her as an integral part of our Pain 2 Wellness coaching team.