Ronda Rose is an international professional lifestyle and community health specialist. She is a native of Philadelphia, PA. Her journey as a lifestyle professional began with undergraduate studies as a health and physical education major with minor concentrations in recreation and special education from West Chester University in Pennsylvania.

She has been a certified fitness trainer and aerobics instructor for more than 20 years. Prior to joining Bali’s Health & Fitness, Gold’s and Olympus Gyms as a trainer and sales representative, she worked in Washington DC as a health and physical education teacher.

With a desire to understand illness, lifestyle and disease, she redirected her attention to the pharmaceutical industry and joined the ranks of Bristol Myers Squibb as a company representative.

The world of pharmaceuticals and medicine provided invaluable experiences that triggered the catalyst to pursue and promote lifestyle health professionally. Ronda’s expertise includes fitness, pharmaceuticals, operations planning, fitness team instruction and health education lectures. She is the primary research investigator for the fit 4 You Retreat Lifestyle Program.

Her love for missions took her to South Korea where she resided and worked for fifteen years. Prior to going overseas, Ronda was also a fitness trainer with Active Duty Fitness for Women. Living abroad continued to fuel her passion for lifestyle and health where she joined the international program for public health, studying as a double major in natural remedies and health education.

Ronda has recently returned to the United States in the course of completing her PhD in public health from Sahmyook University in Seoul Korea. She enjoys coordinating the counseling team for Pain 2 Wellness Healthcare and desires that everyone obtains the abundant level of health and happiness that God intends for His people.