Road Food is ROAD KILL!

Road Food is ROAD KILL! We were scheduled to travel to North Carolina to visit family. One thing after another delayed our departure so that we finally got on the road at or close to dinner time. When hunger pangs hit, it is tempting to go the quickest and most convenient place for dinner. The fast food industry knows all about this travel dilemma. In their kindness, they have strategically placed unhealthy fast food restaurants in convenient locations all along the highway.

Unfortunately, all things expedient are not good for you. Therefore, a special effort must be made for those interested in better health. We either pack up our delicious nourishment and carry it along with us (the preferred way), or we have to drive a little further to find better options.

On this occasion, we were grateful when we saw a sign for Jason’s deli. They serve real food. I built an incredible salad that was full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, protein and most importantly taste! It was an accomplishment well worth the effort. Make the effort to eat live food. Road food is road kill. Choose to live!

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