Keonna’s passion for nutrition as a treatment for type 2 diabetes was born out of her love for her grandfather. He developed type 2 diabetes while Keonna was at her most impressionable stage. Watching his slow, but steady decline over the years prompted her to develop an interest in nutrition as her life’s aspiration. After his unfortunate demise, she became motivated and to extensively research the true nature of food and its affect on health. Through her sadness, a commitment to health and nutrition was born.

She vowed to bring awareness to her family and her community about the positive effect that lifestyle changes including nutrition can have to avert type 2 diabetes. She volunteered at multiple food banks designed to aid the local communities impacted by food deserts. This fulfilling experience lead to a deeper compassion for those affected by nutrition obstacles.

Education became extremely important to her ad it prompted to pursue her undergraduate degree in both Nutrition and Dietetics at the Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University. In an effort to quench her thirst for nutrition knowledge, Keonna plans to experience collegiate nutrition education and has further plans to obtain a doctoral degree in Dietetics.

Keonna expresses her creativity cooking in the kitchen and craft activities that is both fulfilling and relaxing. She also enjoys being a wife to her husband and mother to her precious new son and her high-energy dog. They love spending time together strolling through the park.

We are pleased to have Keonna as part of the Pain 2 Wellness Healthcare and we welcome her to our team of coaching professionals.