Here are some pictures of previous pain sufferers and their knee joint improvements.

Look at the crowding and whitish narrowing of this incredibly painful condition of osteoarthritis of the knee. Then check out the clear space that was obtained as the joint pain improved after therapy.

Here’s another example of a patient with medial joint arthritis (inside knee pain). If this were a young pain sufferer, he/she would be able to fix this condition on their own with few exceptions because there are more stem cells. Yet, as we age, this repair process slows down and often feels like it is non-existent (see above). This patient had incredible success with stem cell recruitment therapy.

She looks younger than she is and now she functions the same way. Just listen:

She drove 3 hours to come for her procedure and she has no regrets.

Her smile says it all. She and her daughter had the same procedure done on both of their knees. Her daughter also did really well and was able to work more effectively as a nurse. She also had a love for hiking and mountain climbing and was able to get back into it. Certainly a reason to smile.

Listen to what others have to say. These are real patients just speaking about their experience.  

I happened to see Ms. Adams at the gym when she showed me what she was able to do that she could not do before her procedure. She kept better to the exercise routine than I did. I am not sure how I feel about that, but I was totally excited for her. I need to work on my exercise and rhythm skills. She taught me a thing or two. She gave me this testimonial on the spot. It is amazing to have a return of function with an ability to do what you thought could never be done again.  

Here is a commercial that is presently airing on Channel 19. I just think more people should know about these non-surgical options. Mr. Holmes had a terrible time with his shoulders. The right was worse than the left. He tells part of the story in this commercial, but more in the video below. The second gentleman, Mr. Johnson, had been in chronic back pain for more than 20 years and could only stand for short periods of time as long as he had the right shoes on. He was too young to be experiencing such horrific pain caused by an accident with two 180 pound oxygen tanks. He had been hopelessly struggling for 20 years! He had recently marriend when I saw him. She was the love of his life. I told her I would return to her a much younger husband. I came through on that promise. They are both happy and relieved.

They recently moved to Hawaii! He has been walking, swimming and running. He told me he ran yesterday for the first time since he was 29 years old. That’s God’s miracle. Mr. Holmes had his right knee done months before his shoulders. He did so well with the knee that he decided to do both of his shoulders. This video is of Mr. Holmes after his bilateral shoulder stem cell recruitment procedures. He was unable to raise his hands overhead until now:

This next gentleman is a retired chiropractor from New Mexico. He visited his family in Birmingham and drove up for his consultation and procedure. He has been having problems with pain, loss of function and range of motion for about 15 years. He did really well with the injections. Let me let you hear his story.

There are so many other success stories so I won’t bore you with more unless you ask. Now it’s your turn to see what can happen for you. Call 256-325-5700 for your consultation to see if it is right for you.

Dr. Stoddart is personally vested in your healing…very detailed and will take the time to listen to everything that describes your issues. I suffered with chronic pain for years and Dr. Stoddart listened to me and was able to come up with a solution custom for my injuries and the results are better than I could have imagined.

– Louis

Dr. Helen is a thorough and caring doctor. She listens. She responds. She certainly has inspired me to live better.

– Howard

Wellness Is Key! From The Air Purifier To The Healthy Snack, It Was All Around Great Experience. Very Personable & Welcoming Energy. Definitely Would Recommend.

– India P.

Dr. Powell-Stoddart is the best! She is kind, caring and concerned. She has kept me from having back surgery for 11 years when I was told I needed it. I highly recommend her to everyone. Her staff is wonderful too. They are very helpful and caring too.

– Jenny S.

Dr. Stoddart & Her Staff is Awesome! They make you feel as if you are their only patient and you leave with clarity of your diagnosis! I highly recommend her to anyone in the Tennessee Valley dealing with pain!

– Sabrina W.

Patient. Kind. Caring. Friendly. Concerned.

– Elaine R.

I cannot say enough to express my gratitude for Dr. Helen. She has helped me adopt a new lifestyle that not only reversed type 2 diabetes, but also, increased my overall feeling of vitality and well-being. My perspective changed from one of trying to accept an inevitable downhill slide in health and energy associated with getting older (I’m 68), to one of feeling strong, healthy, and ready to take on new adventures.

– Keith L.

Great Doctor

– Ida P.

Dr Helen rocks!

– Keith L.

Very nice

– Bettye J.

Quick, to the point, thorough! I felt like family!

– Mark K.

Not sure yet great customer service

– Adassa B.

Dr. Stoddart is so knowledgeable, professional, courteous and kind. I’m so glad she is my doctor. I feel I have the best care I could have and truly blessed knowing her!!!

– Lynn S.

Dr Stoddart is a great doctor, she truly cares about her patients. I’ve have been a patient of Dr Stoddart for 6yrs, and I am very satisfied with her. She has helped me in numerous ways with my back pain. She has a good spirit about her and I enjoy being in her presence!! I would highly recommend her to anyone.

– Sierra C.

Great experience with good information

– Renee S.

Dr Helen Powell-Stoddart and her staff are an amazing team. They know how to treat pain problems and they get positive results. I am living proof that your pain issues can be significantly improved by following their treatment recommendations. I am very satisfied with my own results to date.

– John H.


– Christine B.

I have used Dr. Helen Powell-Stoddart for several years for procedures on my back. I feel very comfortable when I am having these procedures because I trust her completely. I know she will not cause me pain and when procedure is done,I will have no pain. She is very competent, considerate and caring. I feel very comfortable with her. I think she is the best. I would rate her (from 1 to 10) a 10+. I cannot say enough about Dr. Helen. I consider her my friend, and, as a doctor, she is No. 1 in my opinion.

– Margaret C.

Pompeten and compassionate

– Gerald T.

I found your office and Dr Stoddart very friendly, and very easy to talk to. You took time to explexplain my situation. Thank you for your kindness.

– Janice W.

Kind, compassionate, knowledgeable and extremely helpful! Dr. Stoddart has expertise wrapped in such a caring approach! She has helped me tremendously!

– Linda A.

She does miracles on my body with chronic pain. She is great, we love her. I highly recommend her to anyone with chronic pain.

– Andrew G.

She was patience and concern about my health issues

– Adassa B.

I feel amazingly blessed to have such a doctor as you. Your persona and caring ways; never rushing and such a deep listener. Tears of gratitude, thank you Dr. Stoddart.

– Dolline M.

Dr. Stoddard is amazing. I have been going to her since 2017 and she has help me with my pain. She is very patient and listen to what you have to say and don’t make you feel like you are just a number and work with you for the best treatment. I highly recommend her.

– Elsie L.

My visit today with Dr Helen Powell Stoddart m.D went very well

– Lorene A.

I have been a patient of Dr. Powell-Stoddart for over eight years. During this time I have seen her numerous times. Each time she has been compassionate, taken time to listen to me (I never feel rushed), and has provided quality medical care. If you want a doctor who cares and a person who is caring I strongly recommend Dr. Powell-Stoddart.

– Leslie E.

I always feel like Dr. Powell-Stoddart gives me all the time I need and listens to everything I have to say. She explains whats going on and what the treatment will be so I understand. Her personnel are all very sweet and helpful. I always have a very positive experience when I have an appointment!

– Patricia A.

I’m glad I am back under Dr. Powell-Stoddart’s care! Her staff was very welcoming and thorough.

– Susan M.


– Lesia S.

Exceptional, I actually went in limping afraid to put weight on my knee, I left walking normally. She is an amazing Physician.

– Catherine P.

The friendly staff are the start to a great experience and the treatment that Dr. Stoddart provide is among the best. The first time I met her and she started my treatment her approach was refreshing. I feel like I’m visiting a friend whenever we meet

– Tarrence G.


– Gwendolyn M.

My visits to Dr. Stoddart so for has been a rewarding experience. During each visit, I find the staff to be very courteous and helpful. Dr. Stoddart is knowledgeable and I believe that she is concerned about my overall well being. She is providing me with a clear alternative path to enhance my health and to feeling better. I am recommending Dr. Stoddart to family and friends who are experiencing body pain.

– C.W. R.

Dr Helen is a very good person and a great Doctor

– Jerry N.

I very happy with my visit today

– Lorene A.